Current research and development

  • Group overview report based on date range
  • Look into more robust activity repeating options (select multiple days)
  • Add a Care Plan Evaluation date and have tab go red when overdue
  • Move Care Plan reports to Reports page
  • Investigate Report to Email automation
  • Cancel repeating activities from the Activities page
  • Add option border images to Calendar Reports to beautify them
  • Add Group dropdown for some reports


2017, 1st Quarter

  • Monthly Payment Options are now available
  • Clients can now be sorted by Room Number, Oldest, and Youngest
  • Evaluate Activities report is now a date range rather than a weekly report
  • New Report: Group Attendance Summary

2016, 4th Quarter

  • "Quick Mark" feature added: Mark attendance based on a previous activities attendance
  • Edit Repeating Activities (future activities only)
  • A consolidated Quick Start video released to replace training videos
  • FAQ page updated
  • Activities and Repeating Activities now display a 'shared' tag if shared with all groups
  • Repeating Activities now repeat for 2 months instead of 1
  • Attendance Codes can now be hidden from system Graphs and the client Attendance Percentage.
  • The latest Progress Notes now appear in a tab on the Dashboard.
  • Clients can now be sorted by Room Number, Oldest, and Youngest.
  • Client Attendance report updated to allow combined repeating activities.
  • Reports template updated, footer added to display file name and page number.

2016, 3rd Quarter

  • Major product updates launched
  • Clients attendance redesigned and charts added
  • Dashboard redesigned with attendance chart
  • Activities page redesigned with a weekly default view
  • Major website redesign launched
  • Care Plans redesigned
  • Fixed duplicate form submission alert bug
  • Clients can now be sorted by first name, last name, or nickname
  • Next and Previous buttons added to Clients and Activities
  • Progress Notes feature launched
  • Reports updated to show Group name
  • Activity Invitations updated with All / Male / Female options

2016, 2nd Quarter

  • Interests feature redesigned
  • Client section redesigned with tabs
  • Group menu updated based on staff permissions
  • Repeating activities now have an optional end date
  • Groups feature now available to all account types, not just enterprise
  • Reports can now be created for past clients

2016, 1st Quarter

  • Enterprise accounts can now share activities with all groups.
  • Activities can now be filtered by name, date, and date range.
  • Calendar Report updated to scale to one page

2015, 4th Quarter

  • Example reports added to see reports without having to create one
  • Weekly Calendar report added
  • Staff Switcher and Group Switcher redesigned and simplified
  • Menu redesigned and simplified
  • Dashboard redesigned

2015, 3rd Quarter

  • Reports page redesigned to categorize reports daily, weekly, monthly
  • Staff Switcher added for staff that share computers
  • Individual Activity Evaluation report added
  • Updated the attendance count to include data from past clients

2015, 2nd Quarter

  • Timezone detection updated and fixed internationally
  • Staff permissions added: Add staff to all groups or a specific group
  • Calendar Events added to weekly and monthly Calendar Reports
  • Calendar Events feature added

2015, 1st Quarter

  • Repeating activities feature added to save time scheduling
  • Attendance codes updated to be either "Attended" or "Not Attended"
  • Added the Groups feature for enterprise accounts
  • Activity Invitations can now be created based on client interests
  • Interests feature added to clients

2014, 4th Quarter

  • Launched Golden Care Tools